Le Vele ™ &  Dophia™ -  All rights reserved.
Le Vele is a registered trademarks of Ilkon Textiles who is  been dealing with home
textile for almost a quarter of a century.

Le Vele aims to satisfy the demands of customers who seek for quality, fashion and
reasonable prices at the same time.

Le Vele gained a prominent position in its market by offering the right product at
suitable conditions without compromising its quality in a short period of time.

Le Vele sees the customer satisfaction as the most important concern and the
secret of the Le Vele is:
- Seeking for high quality,
- Supplying the latest products and designs by following the trends,
- Continuous innovation to keep its dynamic structure.

Le  Vele is now in USA  offers a wide selection of bedding sets that are now
available in many stores and websites.

We are currently interviewing for sales representative positions.
Visit Our Showroom:

4694 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Tel: 1-718-787-2000
(By appointment only)