# 122 Madrid Bamboo - 6 Pieces Duvet Bedding Set
Package Content and Sizes:
1 x Flat Bed Sheet:     87” x 99”
1 x Duvet Cover:        80” x 87”
2 x Pillow Cases:        20” x 30”
2 x Pillow Cases Flanged: 20” x 30”
(+ 2” Flange)
                                       Queen Size
                       100 % Natural Organic Bamboo
Dream in Le Vele’s softness of all Natural Organic Bamboo.
Le Vele’s organic bamboo sheets combine all the benefits of satin, silk, and high quality
Egyptian cotton bed sheets. In addition to having a heavenly feel, bamboo is
hypoallergenic and allows your skin to breathe, making you comfortable all night long.
Bamboo sheets are best luxury bedding choice.
300 thread with Jacquard weaving makes Le Vele’s bamboo sheets feel equal to
about 1000 thread count compared to cotton sheet.
Soft - Bamboo Organic Fiber is softer than the finest cotton, has a natural shine and a
feel of touch similar to silk or cashmere.
Protective –Unlike other anti-microbial fabrics, bamboo fiber contains an agent
“Bamboo Kun” that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it, it also dries faster than
cotton making it hard for the bacteria to survive on it.
Comfortable - It lets your body breath, and balances the body temperature. Absorbs
sweat and makes you feel fresh. It does not adhere to human body even in the hottest
times. Bamboo fabric feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter
Natural – Organic Bamboo Sheets are all natural, hypo-allergenic and bacteria
resistant, allowing for a clean and restful sleep.
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